Yoga for menopause

Yoga for Menopause

Sunday at 2pm UK time

Join Jeenal for this beautiful and informative talk on how yoga can help to reduce and eliminate many of the unwanted side effects of menopause.

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About Jeenal Metha :

Jeenal Mehta is an Indian born and has been practicing Classical Yoga since her childhood years. She is a Yoga Therapist and the Co-founder, Director and Head Teacher of Wise Living Yoga Academy in Chiang Mai. Jeenal has a massive experience of 20 years, and has trained thousands of students in more than a hundred Yoga Teacher Training, Therapy and conducted numerous Yoga workshops in several countries around the globe.

She has studied with Indian Masters and various Doctors. Her training is based in original yoga scriptures imparting philosophy and yoga psychology as well as the scientific techniques of Yoga. She has counselled and guided thousands of people in the management of lifestyle disorders, addiction and various mental, relationship and personal problems.

She is a great speaker and loved by her students all around the world for her genuine yoga teachings. The participants share their training with Jeenal as a life-changing experience.

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