About me

Hi, I’m Leanne.

Thanks for dropping by.  Of course, you’ve come here for a reason.

On the other pages of the website you can see what I offer, but I thought it would be valuable to tell you a little about me and my own experiences. I hope this will inspire you to connect so that you too may enjoy the many wonderful benefits these activities have given me.

I’ve always been a water baby.

When I was little, we lived in South Africa and one of my earliest memories is learning to swim in my grandmother’s pool when I was three. At seven I joined a swim club and swam competitively until I was fourteen.

Passionate about Nature, at Southampton University I studied Ecology for which I was awarded a First Class Honours degree as well as being the captain of the ladies’ water polo team. My studies led to working as an ecologist for the Environment Agency, producing fishery and invertebrate surveys of British rivers. It was fascinating work and wonderful to be around water again. Following on, I became the Senior Ecologist for Ceredigion County Council.

But fitness and the Big Outdoors have always been essential parts of my life. After a romantic break up, to my total surprise I discovered that surfing healed me and opened up a spiritual part of me that I didn’t even know existed! Surfing was a space where I didn’t think about anything else but at the same time it connected me to myself and to Nature. We’ve all heard this phrase before but I was in the moment and that’s what inspired me to do my yoga teacher training.

I’m a really inquisitive person who loves learning and it escalated from there! I did courses to be a personal trainer, paddle board yoga instructor, surf instructing and sports massage. The more I learnt, the more I realized how much I enjoyed teaching. Then I began teaching other people to be teachers and last year I started working with the yoga school in India where I studied to teach others to become yoga teachers too!

I never had a plan to be an instructor. It’s been a totally organic process based entirely on my own enthusiasm and my growing desire to help people experience the benefits of physical exercise, connecting with Nature and the confidence and happiness that brings. It fills me with joy to see the incredible effect that can have on people even from just one session. You could say it has become my life’s mission!

If people want to be challenged, of course I can do that. However, I’m told I’m a very kind and patient teacher and I enjoy a gentler approach where we celebrate people’s achievements. I think that’s especially important right now when so many of us need nurture. I believe this approach also achieves the best results, not only in performance but also enjoyment and we definitely all need lots and lots of that!

So, do check out all the fabulous programmes I have on offer. I’m sure you’ll find something that would suit you or call me and we can discuss how to fulfil your wishes. Let Nature, Exercise and Me help you discover your freedom.

Best wishes,



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