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Come paddleboarding safely this summer

With the weather getting warmer, there is no better time to head to the river, lakes or beaches and get on a paddleboard. However, instead of just hoping out on your own, why not join a SUP lesson or SUP experience?

Post lockdown, there was a fantastic explosion of people taking to outdoor recreation, from walking to cycling, the numbers shot up. However, arguably no sport / hobby increased in participation as much as stand up paddleboarding (SUP). People’s desire to be outdoors, socialise in a safe way and do something for their mental wellbeing, coupled with more affordable boards, resulted in numerous would be paddlers having a go and being able to purchase their own equipment.

Many paddlers prefer to go it alone, or have one lesson and then discover the freedom of their SUP. However, often paddlers learn once they start that there’s a lot they don’t know – from technique to weather conditions, suitable boards to tides. They also learn that each location is different. And so, there are many advantages of getting out with a local trained SUP school either for beginner or improver lessons, or to be guided on your adventure tailored to your capabilities.

When coming on a lesson or experience with Leanne Bird Wellbeing & Adventure, depending on the session, you will learn:

  • About the equipment, including how to pump an iSUP, how to attach the leash, how to correctly fit a buoyancy aid, the pros and cons of different equipment etc.
  • How to paddle in the most efficient way that prevents injuries, key techniques such as how to paddle in wind, how to stand, how to get back on your board
  • What hazards to consider at different locations
  • What apps to look at and how to read them
  • Key safety kit to carry and what to do in an emergency
  • How to use paddleboarding for fitness and wellbeing 

On all sessions, you will have good quality equipment and be led by safety conscious guides familiar with the local environment. When you go out on a session with a trained guide you can be assured that we have planned for the conditions and have emergency procedures in place.

Coming out with Leanne Bird Wellbeing & Adventure can help you to learn how to be safer on the water, challenge yourself in a safer way, be at one with nature and boost your wellbeing.

So why not join a session today? Visit or contact me at or 07876 754645.

Remember if you do decide to go out alone, check out these SUP safety tips and kit lists Paddle boarding Kit List | AdventureSmartUK and About Us – SUP Standards.

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