Boost your surf or SUP performance with my 8 week mobility programme

Do you want to catch more waves? Maybe you struggle to stand up and stay stood on your paddleboard? Or it could be you trying to get back to mobility following an injury?

Join my Blue Freedom online 8 week progressive programme tailored to SUP & Surf to keep up/improve your mobility and boost your performance in/on the water With one 1hr live session a week – complemented by recordings from the 1hr sessions, and 15 minute sessions focusing on a particular area – you will feel your body start to move more freely as the weeks pass on this progressive programme, and in doing so feel your performance go from strength to strength, Whether you are a complete beginner or intermediate, this programme will help you. If you are someone that struggles with accountability and sticking to routines then don’t fear, you will be part of a group to help keep you motivated. Over the programme we will have some live catch ups. If you are someone who likes to measure progress – you will be given some simple mobility tests to undertake before, during and after to see what gains you have made during the 8 weeks.

I’m looking for people who would like a programme that:

Sound like you? Read on or book now

Programme details

Starting on Tuesday 21st June, join my progressive 8 week SUP/Surf Mobility Programme!

We will have an orientation session at 5.30pm on the 21st June. There will then be a one live session every Tuesday at 6pm which will be progressive over the 8 weeks. You can either attend the live class or watch the recording. The videos will be available within 24 hours. 

It is recommended you repeat this at least twice more that week. There are also two pre-recorded sessions – one for hips and legs and one for shoulders and upper back – that it is recommended you do throughout the week. They are only 15/20 mins long so easy to fit in.

We will meet each week at 5.30pm to check in to see how everyone is getting on or if you have any questions.

So in summary you’ll get:

– 8 live 1 hr mobility sessions plus access to them throughout the programme – worth £100
– a mobility test video – worth £15
– 2 x 15 minute mobility – worth £20
– 8 live group calls and a private Facebook group – worth £110
All this for just £55 as part of this 8 week programme!!!


8 week SUP/Surf Mobility Programme

£ 55
  • 1 live session per week
  • Access to an EXCLUSIVE page
  • Recordings of all live classes
  • Pre-recorded mini sessions
  • Group motivation and meet ups

Members click here

All this is worth over £245 – book by the 14th June and you pay just £55 (£30 for online paid members)*

*Places are limited, so book now to avoid disappointment. Full price after the 14th will be £65 (£35 for online paid members)

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