7 tips for boosting your immune system

Many people have been asking, other than washing their hands, not touching their face with unwashed hands and avoiding contact with those who are ill, what else can they do to help protect themselves from COVID-19 Coronavirus.

COVID-19 is what’s known as a ‘novel’ or ‘new’ virus, which means that no one has ever been exposed to it before and therefore there is no ‘community immunity’ to it (also known as herd immunity). Despite this, the stronger your immune system, the theory is the less impacted you will be by the virus if you get it. A stronger immune system will also help to reduce the number of colds, the severity and the length of cold, as well as other viruses and infections (which in turn will strengthen your ablity to fight it).

With that in mind, what can you do to strengthen immune system? I’ve put together 7 tips for boosting your immunity as well as help you generally feel healthier, both physically and mentally.

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