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Through private and/or group workshops, coaching and classes I will support your lifestyle changes e.g. improve your nutrition; improve your fitness; reduce your pain and overall improve your mental and physical health and wellbeing to feel happier and healthier.

Why choose Leanne?

My passion is in helping others get to where they want to be, not just the goals on the surface, but the real goals, the why. These are the ones that make a big difference to your life, but often things we just live with. 

Like being able get to the top of your stairs without being out of breath, or reducing/getting off your blood pressure medication, feeling less bloated or having enough energy to take the kids our for a bike ride. Why else choose me?



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If you are into surfing then let me help you to improve your mobility, balance, strength or endurance to improve your experience of the sport. Whether you are looking to improve your skills in or on the water such as pop-ups or cutbacks, manage anxiety, or adjust your lifestyle (e.g, nutrition), then my Bespoke 1:1 Surf Fitness & Mobility Programmes are for you. Choose from online or in person.

Whether online or in person I can help you improve your mobility, balance, endurance and mindset in your paddleboarding. Whether you want to do a longer trip or go out in more dynamic conditions, or your a beginner trying to master getting back on the board or standing up, this is the programme for you.

I offer online and face to face classes, workshops and programmes so whether you are round the corner or half way across the country you will be able to join in and feel part of the sessions. Can’t make the times? Many of the sessions are recorded and if you are part of the Blue Freedom Club (paid member) you can access many of the recordings.


Blue Freedom Community

Join like minded paddlers, surfers and other water lovers in the Blue Freedom Community. You’ll have the opportunity to update to my Blue Freedom Club membership for support and motivation to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing and take you on a journey to discover yourself, and ultimately, discover your freedom

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Don’t want to commit? No problem. Feel part of the Freedom community where you can gain health and wellbeing tips and support along side other water lovers. You will have access to many digital and face to fact sessions and programmes, at full price.

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My ultimate freedom membership. Be Free of old habits that are holding you back. Let me support and motivate you to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing and take you on a journey to discover yourself, and ultimately, discover your freedom. 


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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes classes are available both online and in person

You can do Freedom 2 Be Well Programs such as my weight management, stress management or pain management with a partner or a friend. Please contact me for prices. You can also join on one of my series of workshops.

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